Paint Protectant

Throw Away all those Car Waxes and the Hassle that Comes with it. With our Paint Protectant at Work, Your New Vehicle will Never Need Waxing Again!

By Chemically Bonding with the Factory Paint, A Tough High-Gloss Outer Shell Protects Your Investment from the Elements. 

Our Paint Protectant Safeguards Against

  •  Weather-Induced Fading

  •   Oxidation

  •   Loss of Gloss


Fabric Protectant

Don’t Worry, Our Fabric Protectant Adheres to Every Fiber of the Material used for Interior Seats and Carpeting.

Oil & Water-based Spills are Unable to Penetrate the Fabric, Therefore Protecting Against Common Everyday Spills.

Our Fabric Protectant Safeguards Against

  • Water & Oil Based Spills

  • Fading

  • Discoloring


Leather / Vinyl Protectant

Your Leather/Vinyl Interior and Dashboard can be Damaged by the Harmful Rays of the Sun.

With Our Leather/Vinyl Protectant on the Job, Cracking, Fading and Discoloring are a Thing of the Past.

Our Leather / Vinyl Protectant Safeguards Against

  • Cracking

  • Fading

  • Discoloring